Option D

lilly flagg pool

2-Day Lifeguard Certification Class

Saturday - Sunday May 18 - 19 9:00 am-7:00 pm


$150 Members/$250 Non-members

$100 non-refundable charge at the time of registration with balance due first day of class (payable to Haley Putman). Member rates cross over with some pools. Please see the Rates and Registration page for a full listing.

Registration Information:

Step 1. 

On Google Chrome click on one of the vouchers below to be taken to the American Redcross Online Registration page.***If the voucher you select says "Please select a valid voucher (Issued)" at the top return to this page and choose the next voucher*** 

Step 2.

After you have claimed a voucher you must pay a NONREFUNDABLE $100 down payment to hold your spot in the class. A Paypal account will be needed in order to pay the Redcross fee. To pay click the PayPal Checkout button below. If after 24 hours of claiming your voucher you have not paid the $100 fee the voucher will be refunded and you will not have a spot in the class.

***The PayPal account name is Ashlyn Putman @HSVLifeguarding00***

Step 3. 

After you have registered for the class an email will be sent from Red Cross to the email you registered with. In the email, there will be a link to the instructional videos. You must watch all of the instructional videos prior to the first day of class.