Huntsville Lifeguard Instruction and Certification Program

Lifeguarding Classes

Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, and Athens Red Cross Lifeguarding Classes

Welcome to our new and improved website. This is still the hsvlifeguarding that you know and love. Just with an updated look.

Huntsville Lifeguarding is managed by a team of instructors who bring a long history of knowledge, experience, and aptitude to each class.

We take pride in offering personalized instruction that prepares students for the responsibility of lifeguarding. Honoring Red Cross standards are required not only from our students but also from our instructors. HSVlifeguarding provides the students with the skills and confidence needed to ensure their success and safety for themselves and others.

HSVlifeguarding offers Water Safety Classes to educate people on how to better manage the risk that is found in and around water. Topics include but are not limited to homes, pools, yards, rivers, ponds, lakes, drainages, oceans, and dangers that can occur in them. 

Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons on location.

Lifeguard Class and Lifeguard Recertification