Huntsville Lifeguard Instruction and Certification Program


Re-Certification Class

Friday May 21, 2020 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


$120 Members/$220 Non-Members

$40 Non-refundable charge at the time of registration with the balance due on the first day of class (checks payable to Ashlyn Putman). Member rates cross-over to some pools. See the Rates and Registration page for a full listing.

Registration Steps Below:

Step 1. 

On Google Chrome click on one of the vouchers below to be taken to the American Redcross On-line Registration page.***If the voucher you select says "Please select a valid voucher (Issued)" at the top return to this page and choose the next voucher*** 

Voucher 1

Voucher 11

Voucher 2

Voucher 12

Voucher 3

Voucher 13
Voucher 4 Voucher 14
Voucher 5 Voucher 15
Voucher 6 Voucher 16
Voucher 7 Voucher 17
Voucher 8 Voucher 18
Voucher 9 Voucher 19
Voucher 10 Voucher 20

Step 2.

After you have claimed a voucher you must pay a NONREFUNDABLE $40 down payment to hold your spot in the class. A paypal account will be needed in order to pay the redcross fee. To pay click the PayPal Checkout button bellow. ** If after 24 hours after claiming your voucher you have not payed the $40 fee the voucher will be refunded and you will not have a spot in the class.**

Step 3. 

After you have registered for the class an email will be sent to the email you registered with. In the email there will be a link to the instructional videos. You must watch all of the instructional videos prior to the first day of class. 

lf you have questions, call or text 256-714-0001.



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